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relationship W/ GOD   3/19/2020

A priest sat at the bus stop one fine day when a young man, on a bicycle, going too fast, lost control and slammed into a telephone pole. Being only slightly injured and having torn his shirt, he loud

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TOO MUCH TO DRINK   2/13/2020

After sitting at the bar all afternoon and drinking way too much, the bartender told him that he could not serve him anymore. After a brief rebuttal the man reluctantly left. A short time later the ma

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What is it?   12/19/2019

LOVE is a long and slender thing

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Chet   9/1/2019

A man came into a pet store one crisp December day and when asked the proprietor if he might be of any assistance, the man explained; He had been out on the strip, to the Mall, shopping for something

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the man from Baldairs   8/30/2019

Once there was a man from Baldairs, He was giving it to his girl on the stairs The banister broke, he doubled his stroke And finished her off in the air---

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Larger breasts please   8/26/2019

My Dr. had a visit from a woman that wanted to discuss the possibility of breast enhancement. She told the Dr. that when she was younger men liked women with smaller breasts, but these days it seems

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the policeman   8/24/2019

day while driving, I was pulled over by the local police. I stopped the car and waited for the officer to approach, and when he did, he signaled to that I should roll down the window. I did as he ask

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1/2 of a head of lettuces please   8/24/2019

As a young man working at our local grocery store, I was approached by a man that was very intent on buying only a half of a head of lettuce. He was insistent to the point, I said that I would ask my

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TIMBUKTU   8/18/2019

In the town of Timbuktu there is a contest each year to see could tell the best poem, using the of the town, Timbuktu in the recital of the poem. At the event each year for the past years the towns

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THE BIRD   8/18/2019

see the birdie on the sill sitting there, so quiet and still I lured it close, with a piece of bread then slammed the window on it's noisy head

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